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    Par : Webmestre
    Publié : 19 mars 2016

    St Patrick’s day

    On St Patrick’s Day, pupils are invited to a celebration all around the school :

    Activities planned from 12.45 :

    • Leprechauns in the playground with a cooking-pot proverb
    • Documentary + QUIZ (School Library)
    • Celtic Music in the corridors
    • Irish Dancing (assembly room)
    • Gaelic football in the playground
    • Dance show in the playground

    Patrick’s life

    Patrick was born in 387 in Britain, but his real name was Pratig.
    He was kinapped by Irish raiders when he was 16 years old. Patrick mainly tended sheep in Ireland.
    After a while, he began praying and he noticed the Irish didn’t pray.
    He escaped back home and he became a priest.
    When he went back to Ireland, he converted the Irish to christianity.
    He died on March 17th 461.