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    Publié : 9 juin 2015

    The British Day in Ornans

    Yesterday was British Day. Yesterday there were lots of activities in college Pierre Vernier :
    - some pupils played dobble, duplik and simon says in English.

    - some pupils played karaoke, danced and sang.

    This was the English corner, the teacher and pupils spoke English and they answerded a quizz

    The 5°D decorated the self for the British Day and had the honor to present the British Day.

    By Alexia and Manon

    The Menu :

    Most pupils liked the activities, the dessert, the drinks, decoration and cheese. They loved the Chicken Tikka Massala but they didn’t like the Minted Pea Soup.

    Special thanks to the school cook and her team. The food was great !

    By Floriane, Lisa and Violette

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